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More keywords about IP.

Misappropriation takes place when a producer is taking advantage from the brand, the name, the investments, the work, the goodwill of another producer (not protected by trade mark, copyright or patent law) . In this case we find a producer that had invested time and money to create a product (which is kind of property right) and a competitor that appropriates of this work, with a little or no cost, also making a injure in the sells, or business.
Passing off / palming off is when the consumer believes a good comes from another producer. This may happen when the original distinctive mark is duplicated or simulated, thus it is important that the copied mark was already famous).
The term “ me too” is understood as a synonim of “look-alike”.
The definition is also used for services, “me too” services, including the same strategy applied to service business. This is not “copy” of product, but following the leader of some services.
The main responsible of making “look-alikes” products, the very similar packaging and the market strategy, are “ own brand products”. It is easy to find them in a large supermarket chain. The “own brand products” are packaged and marketed under the brand name of a particular retailer (the trade mark or label of shop which sells them) and also very often they are less expensive than another brand products.
Well known word is also “ standardization”. Standardization is a result of buying from the same sources the same standard models by the producers. Assuredly life is easier when we use standard size, standard pack or standard glass but in the effect, all of them are similar and the only one differences are labels.
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