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The cross' case.
Before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg came up again case of crosses in Italian schools. In the first decision, where the judges of the Court confirm claims of the applicant, was stated that the crosses on the wall of the school is in contradiction with human rights. It was c...
How to apply to European Court of Human Rights?
When we talk about violation of human rights, most of us has a picture of how far African countries, meanwhile, such cases occur as often in Europe. The European Convention on Human Rights entered into force in 1953, and its signatories are 47 countries - members of the Council of Europe. Since ...
What changes the Lisbon Treaty brings to citizens?
The Lisbon Treaty, reforming the European Union, was adopted in 2007, but it came into force in December 2009 after final ratification of the delaying Member States - Poland and Czech Republic. What changes involves the act? What is their significance for EU citizens? To answer these questions, w...
EU wants to limit smoking among its citizens.
The matter related to restrictions on cigarette production is found in the agenda of the European Commission's deliberations on September 15, 2010. One of the issues is the prohibition of use "improvers" of taste and smell of cigarettes. This not only means that maybe in the near future, no Eur...
I will go to Strasbourg
One often hears from citizens of UE, who are facing the court - "If the sentence is not on my mind, I will go even to the European Court in Strasbourg," then it appears that they participate in the ordinary civil process of the court of first instance. Such expression causes the smile puzzle on...
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